Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Two Bud Pruning

early morning Walla Walla

Spring is almost here. We woke up, inhaled the sunrise, walked and stopped at Tertulia Cellar's Vineyards for a quick lesson on two bud pruning.
What is two bud pruning?  Pruning the cane of the vine down to two buds to determine the amount of fruit.
When vines are dormant in the winter it is time to prune. Pruning focus the growth of the vine where it is wanted, and determines how much fruit a vine will have. Each vineyard is different and the variety of grape, location, soil type and climate all play a role in pruning.
The earth's energy creates awareness on a morning walk - the puddles after a storm, the birds eating the worms every where, the grass brighter with more chlorophyll after rain,  why trimming and pruning- earth health is plant health.

rained all night

Pruning vines at Tertulia Cellars vineyarrd

the vines are cut closer, a two bud pruning, so the plant spends energy creating denser clusters

bud spur
cut vines
rain makes the grass green as it increases chlorophyll

the early bird

clouds coming and going

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