Saturday, June 9, 2012

Breakfast at Timberline

This much snow in June!

Remains of the Bacon Sampler at Breakfast
Jason Stoller Smith's James Beard preview dinner was divine, from the sublte gelee appetizers to the sophisticated pear dessert left even the most gregarious guests speechless. So much fun, with more guests than ever, and going from the awkward standing around at the beginning of any evening, to a warm, well fed and slightly tipsy room full of dear freinds a few short hours later. I like it just for that aspect, men jingling the change in their pockets ending up telling racy travel stories with laughter filling Silcox Hut, as the wind blew its cheeks outside! Inisde the fire blazed and I discovered a new rose- Bergstrom. I also loved the Sigrid Chardonnay from Bergstrom.
Breakfast is hearty at Timberline. Where else can one get a bacon sampler?
It was a great success. The James Beard House is lucky to have Jason and his team coming to visit!

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